Advantages for Employers Using Recruitment Agencies

Advantages for Employers Using Recruitment Agencies

Advantages for Employers Using Recruitment AgenciesAs an employer, recruitment can be time consuming and costly if not done properly and using a recruitment agency will save time and money, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Whether you need temporary staff or you’re looking to fill a role on a permanent basis, an agency will work on your behalf to find you the best candidate for your requirements, whatever those requirements may be.

Agencies have their ear to the ground and will be advertising jobs on many job sites and classifieds. Here, we look at the benefits an employer will gain in using a recruitment agency.

Short Notice or Emergency Cover

There will always be times when emergency cover is required in most sectors of business. Here’s where recruitment agencies are worth their weight in platinum. They have candidates on their books who are willing to take on work at short notice and you can have temporary cover in no time. Most agencies cover the temporary employment sector and have staff who are happy to take all the work they can.

Long-Term Temporary Employment

There is not an employer around who hasn’t had to, at one time or another, had to cover maternity leave. It is the most common situation which arises whereby an employer has to employ a person for a short period of time while their full-time member of staff takes maternity leave. Recruitment agencies are ideal for this area as they will cover the legal aspects of the maternity cover. Discuss with your agent depending on the role how long you will need the position covered for and at what point they will be employed until and the agency will handle all aspects of the candidate covering your vacancy.

Specialised Agency Covering Your Sector

Whatever sector you’re in, childcare, education or the construction industry, there will be a file full of people who are willing to work for your company and the recruitment agency will have filtered out the best candidates for the vacant role. Always opt for a more specialised agency who specialises in your sector. You’re far more likely to be more successful in procuring a candidate with the relevant experience in your area. Specialised agencies will be advertising jobs and will have an enthusiastic bunch of candidates awaiting work.

Payroll Handling

Payroll handling for temporary staff can be handled by the recruitment agency and this saves you money and time. You will simply invoice the agency for professional services. Temporary employees on the payroll can make for extra work for your HR department and this way, you’re cutting down costs and their workload. This aspect covers all aspects of sickness and holiday pay.

Selection Process

This process is time consuming and a recruitment agency will only send you suitable candidates. Agencies will have completed all the checks necessary with regards to vetting and screening if your organisation requires these legal requirements. You will also have the added reassurance that in the event of a candidate being unsuitable, your agency will send a replacement.

Staffing requirements are subject to changes frequently and advertising jobs can be tiresome and tedious and using an agency will remove the burden of advertising. It is prudent to use an agency which specialises in your niche, this will enhance your success of having a candidate with the relevant experience. In particular sectors such as childcare and construction, using a specialised agency will bring you the expertise you need. The benefits of using a recruitment agency are many for employers.

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