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Birmingham Childcare Recruitment Open Day


Birmingham Childcare Job Fair – Jobs Waiting

We have hundreds of vacancies and we guarantee you:


> £100 cash bonus (after working your first 100 hours)

> Guaranteed best rates of pay

> Guaranteed hours each week

> Locations to suit you

> Flexible hours

> Option of permanent employment

> Quality nurseries – we only work with OfSTED good to outstanding graded nurseries

> Train while you work – FREE training to further your career

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Top 5 Essential Training Courses For Nursery and Childcare Settings

In any early years setting training is absolutely essential. It is recommended that childcare practitioner spends on average 25 hours of training or refresher training each year.

But where should you concentrate your 25 hours with the wide range of available training courses for the childcare sector?

Check out the list of the top 5 courses that every childcare practitioner should be certified in.

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Shortlist Your Nursery Nurse Applicants With Phone Interviews


Shortlist Your Nursery Nurse Applicants With Phone Interviews

Imagine every person that applies for your nursery practitioner role was just perfect for the job.

It would make life so much easier.

You would be spoilt for choice.

No more candidates turning up clutching their treasured certificate in trampolining which sadly is their only qualification. (true story, I had this happen)

No more hungry job seekers turning up desperate for work because basically . . .

. . . nobody in their right mind will hire them due to their atrocious record for timekeeping and their inability to provide references.

So how do you screen out all the no-hopers and ensure you only have the cream of the crop attend on interview day?

By having preliminary phone interviews you can streamline your hiring process. Save your time and money and ensure you manage to hire the very best childcare practitioners for your nursery.

Here’s how.

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Hiring Superstar Childcare Staff for Your Nursery

Hiring Childcare Staff  for Your Nursery

One of the most difficult challenges in running an early years centre is the staffing.

Staff turnover in the childcare industry is huge and is an ongoing problem for any childcare settings.

So hiring ‘superstar’ childcare staff is a skill all nursey managers should master.

Let me give you some tips on your childcare recruitment process.

Use these 7 gold hiring nuggets.

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5 Advantages of Investing in Training Your Employees

5 Advantages of Investing in Training Your Employees

Training your employees does not come without certain sacrifices to your business.

Finding suitable training and then having to find the budget to pay for the training that your employee then has to take during working hours.

On the face of it seems like lose, lose, lose . . .

But this is most certainly not the case.

Here’s why.

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