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5 Key Job Interview Tips to Boost Your Chances

Finding a new job in the current work climate can be hard work, so when you do get an interview you want to do your very best to impress! Preparing for and attending an interview can be nerve-wracking but by keeping in mind our 5 key job interview tips you can and will have a […]

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How to Find Work Using Social Media

Finding a job in today’s market can seem like an impossible task. Things have changed and times are moving on. The traditional methods of finding employment are more and more becoming a thing of the past. Using social media as a way of finding work is essential if you are going to stand out from […]

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7 Huge Mistakes to Avoid at Your Job Interview

You have done all the hard work, you have created quality CV’s, you have spent hours networking to find the right job and you have applied for countless vacancies. Finally you have the phone call you have been waiting for. A potential new employer would like to meet with you for an interview. The hard […]

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How to Find Work in Just 10 Days

Finding work in just 10 days may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done! There are a whole range of methods for finding work in this ever changing job seeking scene and you should be using them all. Use our informative article to discover every tool at your disposal for finding a […]

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6 Killer Tips For Finding Work When Facing Redundancy

Are you among the many people that have found themselves having to re-apply for their job? Or have you been told that someone in your office has to go, or that your position is no longer required? With The Mirror recently reporting that ‘ One million public sector jobs will have disappeared under the Tory-led […]

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