Why Children in Day Care Are Safer Than Those at Home

mom puts her baby daughter plaster

I was horrified to find out that 90% of all accidents involving children happen at home. If, like me, you believed that home is the safest place for a child in your care then think again. Would you believe me if I told you that the children you care for are actually at a higher […]

Role of a First Aider

Basic First Aid Kits

The role of a first aider and of course the importance of first aid cannot be underestimated, this article explains some of the basics requirements and skills needed by a first aider. Every year, thousands of people are either seriously or fatally injured as a result of an accident. First aid given at the scene […]

Summer Dangers For Children

Chest Compressions

Summer dangers for children is something any parent or anyone responsible for childcare needs to be aware of. Protect the children in your care by reading about some of the common but preventable summer dangers for kids. It should be noted that this article should be used to raise awareness of the dangers for children […]

Landing Your Dream Job


Landing your dream job is something most of us only dream about. But armed with our advice you will stand a realistic chance of landing your dream job! Landing your dream job might not be easy but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are many techniques at your disposal to find, and ultimately gain, […]

5 Tips to Prepare For a Job Interview

Tips For Preparing For a Job Interview

By following our tips for preparing for a job interview you will improve your chances dramatically of landing your dream job. You have spent weeks, and maybe even months, looking for and applying for jobs in your area. You have spent many, many hours preparing and delivering your CV’s. And now, finally, after all that […]

First Aid For Children And Babies


If you are a parent or work in the childcare sector then having an understanding about first aid for children and babies is essential. This article is meant as an introductory guide only and should not be used as a replacement for paediatric first aid training. Children are by nature inquisitive beings and love to […]

Risk Assessment in the Workplace

Risk Assessment in the Workplace

An explanation on Risk Assessment in the Workplace, explaining exactly how to implement it and how it will benefit your employees and your business. Having in place good risk assessments is a crucial part of Health and Safety in the workplace.  They are put in place both to protect your employees and, of course, your […]