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7 Killer Body Language Tips to Guarantee Job Interview Success

Body Language Tips

So you managed to land an interview for the job of your dreams.


This is one interview you just can’t afford to mess up.

You know that you are perfect for the job. On paper it should be a cinch. It’s like the job was made just for you.

But in the back of your mind you are worried . . . no actually you’re terrified.

Even though you know you could do this job standing on your head you are facing the same old problems . . .

Lack of self-confidence, nerves and leaving a poor first impression.

I don’t know about you but my mum taught me that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Excellent advice.

But what she didn’t tell me was that 55% of first impressions are formed on body language alone. 38% on how we say things including our tone of voice, tempo and how confidently and clearly we speak.

Surprisingly only 7% of first impressions are formed by the words we actually say.

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Why Children in Day Care Are Safer Than Those at Home

Why Children in Day Care Are Safer Than Those at Home

I was horrified to find out that 90% of all accidents involving children happen at home.

If, like me, you believed that home is the safest place for a child in your care then think again.

Would you believe me if I told you that the children you care for are actually at a higher risk of injury when they go home? 

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Role of a First Aider

The role of a first aider and of course the importance of first aid cannot be underestimated, this article explains some of the basics requirements and skills needed by a first aider. The article is in no way a replacement for first aid training.


Every year, thousands of people are either seriously or fatally injured as a result of an accident. First aid given at the scene of the accident can mean the difference between life and death and first aiders have saved countless lives. Clearly then, having staff in the workplace who are fully trained in first aid is essential. This article gives a brief outline of the responsibilities and the role of a first aider but it is in no way a replacement for having fully up-to-date trained staff. It is vital to make sure your first aiders go on first aid training courses and in addition take first aid annual refresher courses.

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Summer Dangers For Children

Summer dangers for children is something any parent or anyone responsible for childcare needs to be aware of. Protect the children in your care by reading about some of the common but preventable summer dangers for kids. It should be noted that this article should be used to raise awareness of the dangers for children in simmer and is in no way a replacement for first aid training.

Summer dangers for children

Summer time can be a wonderful time for children! The weather is a lot warmer and, hopefully, a lot drier meaning that children can spend more time outdoors. However, the start of summer can present many potential problems which countless children are affected by each year.

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Landing Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job is something most of us only dream about. But armed with our advice you will stand a realistic chance of landing your dream job!

Landing Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job might not be easy but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are many techniques at your disposal to find, and ultimately gain, your perfect job. It is good to bear in mind that you won’t be the only person looking for and applying for your dream job so it is essential to put the effort in so that you stay ahead of everyone else. There are many ways in which you can stand out from the crowd and they are so simple to do.

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5 Tips to Prepare For a Job Interview

By following our tips for preparing for a job interview you will improve your chances dramatically of landing your dream job.

Tips For Preparing For a Job Interview

You have spent weeks, and maybe even months, looking for and applying for jobs in your area. You have spent many, many hours preparing and delivering your CV’s. And now, finally, after all that effort you have had the phone call you have been waiting for! One of your job applications has been approved and they would now like to meet you for an interview! But of course, the hard work does not stop there. In fact, the hard work is only just beginning because preparing for a successful interview can mean the difference between getting the job and not. After all chances are you will not be the only person being interviewed for the position.

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