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The Construction Health and Safety Toolkit

The Construction Health and Safety Toolkit

Your health and safety toolkit should become second nature to you if you are at work in the construction industry. In my experience if you leave out any one of these things you are often heading for an acme style accident, and the riotous laughter of your co-workers on the way to the emergency room.

So protect yourself from the jeers and taunts of your colleagues when you leave work a bloody mess and make sure to wear your safety equipment!

Hard Hat

It’s sod’s law that if you aren’t wearing a hard hat, things will fall on your head. It might well ruin your hairstyle, but whether it’s a nail or a wheelbarrow things falling from the tenth floor of scaffolding hurt, so be sure to wear your hard hat! These hats are also designed to give you a distinctive profile so that a worker operating machinery can spot you even in his peripheral vision. The design of the hats also includes a 30mm gap between the hat and your skull, meaning anything piercing through the hat will have less change of ending up in your brain. So make sure you wear your hard hat!

Hi Vis Vest

Whether you are trying to make an entrance at a party, or just making sure you don’t get hit by a reckless co-worker, a high vis vest is a must-wear fashion accessory. Make sure you have this essential item on your back when you go wandering around a busy work site. It could just be a life saver!


Everyone hates stubbing their toe. So why not eliminate this concern by severing all your toes with a dropped cinder-block? Perhaps not the best idea I hear you say? Steel toecap boots are just the thing for those who wish to keep all their digits intact. These boots often come with a metal plate in the sole to avoid anything going through the sole of your foot. Wear your steel toe capped boots, and keep your little piggies safe!

Eye Protection

You may not think that eye protection looks good, but then again neither do eye patches. Your eyes are among the most important organs in your body, and you have to make sure to protect them! In my experience failing to do this will do nothing more than get you a lifelong nickname, but I’ll leave it to your co-workers to come up with that one!

Face Mask

If you value your lungs then you’ll want a face mask. Face masks are recommended not just to tick a box on a health and safety form, but because there is a real danger to your health. Even if you don’t feel the effects right away, the cumulative impact of the the dust etc. are sure to hit you before long. Wearing a face mask will make sure you can keep on breathing deep for years to come.

Ear Muff Protection

If you are a music lover then ear protection is vital when working with noisy equipment. Although a lot of music sounds just like noise to me they don’t make ear protection for it; thankfully they do for heavy machinery, so make sure you wear your ear muffs!

Finally, the most vital piece of safety equipment in any workplace is common sense. If you exercise common sense it is possible to avoid many common workplace accidents and incidents. The rate of accidents dramatically increases where common sense drops so at the very least if you think you have good common sense in the workplace, stay away from the worker that doesn’t!

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