Construction Industry Health and Safety Training

Working in the Construction Industry

Construction Industry Health and Safety Training – without it you will not find work.

Health Safety FinesThe UK Contractors Group (UKCG) is the primary association for contractors operating in the UK and work closely with the CBI Construction Council.

One of their UKCG’s primary aims is to improve the Health & Safety Training Standards for directors, supervisors and operatives and of course the overall safety construction workers throughout the UK. With is some of the largest construction companies in the country being members of the UKCG it is hardly surprising that they have such an influence in the industry.

Lebreton Training wholeheartedly supports the UKCG in their position that by improving health and safety training standards injury, illness and lives can be saved.

The construction industry is definitely in agreement with the major players already having signed up to the UKCG’s requirement for its members. The UKCG require members to comply with their health and safety charter. Most notable parts of this charter are companies are required to achieve a fully qualified workforce and ensure all supervisors on UKCG sites have the necessary skills to supervise effectively

So what does all this mean for construction workers?

The UKCG focus on the levels of health & safety training for the following construction industry workers – directors, managers, supervisors and workers – yes that’s correct anybody who works on or is responsible for construction sites.

UKCG do seem to be driving industry standards with all the big players in the industry becoming members. Remember a requirement of membership is complying with their health & safety charter.

The bottom line – if you want to work on site then you must have sufficient construction related health & safety training no matter what. From the man at the top to the supervisors, tradesmen, labourers and cleaners – if you want to continue working in the construction industry then you must undertake suitable health and safety training.


  1. Alan Murfee says

    Its the duty of management to design a safe work area for their employees. Safety should be planned in the work from the start to avoid bad situations.

  2. Alan Murfee says

    Construction sites can be a healthy place to work, if proper safety protocols are followed. Like Management should start safety training for employees and encourage employees to bring safety deficiencies to management’s attention.

    • Ross says

      Yes Alan we agree completely, risk assessment training and safety training are an absolute must on a construction site. Working with the guys working on site with clear guidelines on what to do if they spot any safety issues will improve the safety for everyone which can only be a good thing. Training them to spot these issues is something every employer needs to do.

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