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5 Advantages of Investing in Training Your Employees

5 Advantages of Investing in Training Your Employees

Training your employees does not come without certain sacrifices to your business.

Finding suitable training and then having to find the budget to pay for the training that your employee then has to take during working hours.

On the face of it seems like lose, lose, lose . . .

But this is most certainly not the case.

Here’s why.

Recruitment Advantage

When prospective employees are looking at different job vacancies, part of what they look for is the employee benefits package.

Pay and benefits are important but continued education and training while in employment is also an attractive feature that many job seekers are keen to take advantage of.

If you want to attract the best candidates for your vacancies then you need to offer the best overall pay, benefit and training packages to ensure your success.

Huge Business Advantage

Stay ahead of your competitors by not only hiring the best staff but my investing in their training to make sure they remain the best staff. Keep their skills up to date.

Keep up with latest industry changes, customer service skills or changes in technology and give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Keep Employee Morale High – Keep Your Employees

It’s not surprising to hear that most employees stay satisfied in a job for a period of time and then start to look for advancement.

Employees that continue to receive training whilst working for you are hopeful that there will be career advancement opportunities in their future within your organisation.

So by continuing to train your employees, you are helping them to improve their advancement opportunities within your own organisation. Fewer employees leave for pastures new, less disruption to your business finding and hiring new staff.

Better employee performance

Employees that receive training to improve their skills will perform their job better. This applies across the board to all levels of employees within your business. From your minimum wage part-time employees to your high earners on the board of directors.

Reduce Risks

Training is not just about skill development. It’s also about reducing risks.

Health & safety training reduces risks of legal action against your business, fines and even criminal prosecution for your directors and senior management.

Training can prevent accidents and injury in the workplace so by providing health & safety training you also reduce the time off from employees due to sickness or injury, and incidentally, it is also a legal requirement to provide sufficient health and safety training.

Keeping your employees up to date on health and safety training also reduces your insurance costs, disruption to work and damage to stock or property which all affect your bottom line.

Banish Weakness and Nurture Strengths

Any existing skills and knowledge that your employees have can be enhanced or updated, enabling people to further improve proven strengths.

Any weaknesses in your employees’ abilities or gaps in their knowledge can be identified and addressed or mechanisms can be put in place to compensate for these weaknesses.

Improved Confidence

Training will lead to an improved confidence, capability and also competence in your employees.

This will no doubt lead to an improvement in productivity, sales and profits.

It can easily be argued you are putting your business at risk by not investing in the training of your employees.

Are you prepared to allow your competitors to take advantage of this easy win while you make do with poorly trained staff?

Do you think your customers will also put up with your poorly trained staff?

Bearing in mind that your training costs are also tax deductible . . .

It seems training for your staff is not the expensive hassle that bites into your businesses profits. In fact, it is an investment in your business’s future.

Training your workforce is vital to ensuring the continued success of your business.

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