7 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid Like the Bubonic Plague

7 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid Like the Bubonic Plague

7 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid Like the Bubonic Plague

You need staff and you need them quick.

The pressure is on.

Missed targets. Client complaints. Overstretched resources.

All because you are desperate for new staff.

But the last thing you need to do is rush into the hiring process and give the job to the wrong candidate.

Avoid these 7 hiring mistakes at all costs:

Skipping the Phone Interview

Unless you want a large queue of no-hopers turning up to be interviewed because basically . . .

. . . nobody in their right mind will hire them due to their atrocious record for timekeeping and their inability to provide references.

Shortlist your applicants by holding preliminary telephone interviews.

This way you cut the timewasters out of the equation and keep interview day free for candidates that show real potential.

Overlooking Internal Candidates

Don’t make the mistake of missing out on what’s under your very nose. You may have people ready to step up to the challenge of a new job role that already works for you.

Hiring from within your own company has many advantages including you already know them and their abilities, they are already familiar with you and your company plus it can also help you retain staff that may well leave for a new challenge elsewhere.

Consider advertising job opportunities to your existing staff via an employee newsletter or through company meetings.

Having Too Many Cooks

It might seem amazing to get plenty of seemingly qualified candidates lined up for an interview. But this is not the case.

Imagine interviewing dozens of candidates, meeting them for the first time and then trying to remember who said what.

If you’re trying to fill a single job role, then the more applicants you see the easier it is to forget who said what and who you liked for the job best and why.

Limit your applicants and limit the chances of getting mixed up with your job applicants.

Talking Rather than Listening

The interview is not a time for you to dominate the conversation and impress candidates by showing them how much of a ‘big cheese’ you are.

You have one mouth and two ears, use them in that ratio.

Ask a question and then listen to your candidates.

It’s their job to convince you that they are the right person for the job.

Let them do their job.

Evaluate Personality, Not Job Skills and Experience

Of course, you want to get along with somebody that you are going to be working with but don’t make the mistake of hiring someone because you liked them personally.

You need to make their job skills and experience your priority when deciding on their suitability for the job in question.

Hiring Even When You’re Gut Tells You Not To

It’s all well and good looking at a resume, listening to a candidate say all the right things in the interview and thinking you have found the right person.

But sometimes it pays to listen to your gut.

If you know deep down that you won’t work well with this person and you have a feeling the person sat in front of you is going to be trouble somewhere down the road.

Think twice before offering them the job.

Just because you need to fill a job vacancy does not mean you have to hire someone from your first set of interviews. If you don’t feel like you have found the right candidate then the chances are that you haven’t.

Failing to Check References 

Just because a candidate ticks all the boxes at the interview and on the application don’t fall into the trap of hiring too quickly.

Check their references as not everyone is always entirely honest when it comes to job applications.

Check past employers, qualifications, experience and there is no harm in taking a quick snoop on social media.

Bonus Tip – Not Firing Fast Enough

Sometimes even when you follow all the advice given above you can make a bad hiring choice.

If you hire someone that you know is a bad fit then you need to replace them immediately. The longer you postpone the bigger the problem will become.

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