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9 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

9 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

When speaking to your boss you always need to maintain a certain level of professionalism. 

Ultimately, your job is a place you should be on your utmost best behaviour.

A place you always show the very best version of yourself.

So saying something inappropriate of downright stupid at work is a no, no.

The best advice I can give is to always take a deep breath before you speak to your boss and gather your thoughts.

If you think you may regret saying it, then you probably will.

Apart from the obvious such as profanity or insults here are 9 things you should never say to your boss.

#1 How Hard You Partied Last Night

Okay, most of us enjoy a night out. But sharing the gory details with your boss is usually not advised. Same goes for sharing on your social media accounts because believe me your employers do care what you get up to in your spare time especially on a school night.

#2 Any Comment That Is Racist/Homophobic/Sexist/Etc.

Okay, this should go without saying but . . . 

Don’t say anything that is racist, homophobic, sexist or discriminatory in any way to anyone at work.

Especially your boss.

#3 Can I Leave Early?

Asking your boss can I leave early is not something they want to hear. Any full time job will give you a certain amount of time allocated for holidays. If you need time off work then this is what your annual leave is for.

If you need just an hour or two off for dentist or doctors etc. then don’t ask for the time off, instead ask if you can have the time off and if it is possible to make the time up.

This will keep your boss happy.

#4 Can I Come in Late?

Read everything I just said in #3.

5# Anything That Could Be Perceived As Flirting

Never flirt with your boss. Never date your boss. Period.

Treat your boss as you would a blood relative when it comes to dating, a line you should never cross.

If you say something and your boss gets the wrong idea. Politely tell your boss ASAP you’re not interested.

#6 Sorry, I’ve Been Busy

Do you think you are the only person that is busy at your place of work?

I can guarantee that your boss will think they are busier than you are.

If you genuinely believe that a task set by your boss will not be completed on time then explain this to your boss and the reason why as soon as possible. This way they do not get a nasty surprise. 

One word of caution, make sure your reason is a reason and not an excuse.

#7 No. That’s Not Part of My Job

Probably the second worst thing you can ever say to your boss.

Unless it is illegal or unethical then your job is whatever your boss tells you it is.

If it is something that you hate doing then try to negotiate with your boss but do not give a flat out no if you enjoy being employed.

#8 Can I Speak to Your Boss About This?

Going over your bosses head is not the smartest decision you can make.

If you have a problem with your boss then ask to speak to them about it. See if your issue can be sorted out amicably.

If you still can’t find a solution then maybe it’s time to speak to HR.

#9 I’ll Quit if You Don’t Do This

Unless you are seriously willing to resign do not make idle threats. Threatening to resign if you don’t get your own way at work makes you look like a child having a tantrum when they don’t get what they want.

(In case you are wondering . . . this is the worst thing you can ever say to your boss.)

Final Words of Advice

If you like receiving a regular pay cheque each month.

And you prefer to have a roof over your head, food on the table and generally the ability to pay your bills.

Don’t upset your boss by saying something stupid or inappropriate at work.

Some things are best left unsaid.

Especially if you want to avoid hearing the words “You’re fired!”. 

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