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Your (Bad) Attitude is Destroying Your Chances of a New Job

Your (Bad) Attitude is Destroying Your Chances of a New Job

You could be the most qualified person on the planet for the job you are applying for but if the interviewer does not like your attitude you are dead in the water.

Here are seven self-destructive mistakes you need to avoid to land the job of your dreams.

Appearing Frosty

Nobody wants to work with people that are cold and unfriendly. Being professional is one thing but coming over as the ice queen at your interview will do you no favours. The last thing you want to do is raise concerns that you are going to be difficult to work with and not someone that fits in well as part of a team. Try engaging your interviewer in conversation and don’t be afraid to crack a smile.

Overconfidence (aka Arrogance)

While confidence can be a good thing it is definitely something that you can overdo. Nobody likes a big head and screaming from the rooftops that you are the best thing since sliced bread is not going to enamour you with the interviewer.

Lack of Confidence

Okay, I know I just warned you about appearing overconfident but if you show a lack of confidence this is equally damaging. Think about it, if you appear to have no confidence in your own abilities then why should your employer?

Concentrate on the abilities that make you suitable for the job role you have applied for. Ideally, you have a lot to offer the employer for the job you are applying for, if you are struggling to show why you are suited to the job then are you sure you have applied to for the right job?

Bad Manners

Being rude is not something that is going to do you any favours with a prospective new employer. Being courteous costs you nothing and leaves a very good impression with people you have just met. Go the extra mile and smile, shake hands, don’t slouch in your chair and look them in the eye when you talk to them. Pro tip: don’t interrupt your interviewer. It’s rude and unnecessary.

Poor Time Keeping

Make no mistake being late for your interview is deemed as rude and 99.9% you have blown your chances before you answer a single question. If you can’t make it to the interview on time how are you going to make it to work on time?

Plan the route to your job interview in advance and allow yourself a margin of error. Get to the interview early and take the time to compose yourself before the interview.

Being a Moaning Minnie

Nobody likes a complainer, especially somebody that they have to work with. Whatever you do please don’t spend your time in an interview moaning about your current employer or work colleagues. Instead, concentrate on the positives aspects of your current job and how it has helped you progress and improve within your chosen career.

Dressing Like a Scarecrow

Now you might think that the clothes you wear have nothing to do with your attitude. Well, you would be wrong. Dress to impress at your job interview by wearing appropriate clothing. This shows you have taken the chance of the job seriously and your respect the interviewer’s time by doing so.

You made it through the first hurdle and managed to get an interview.

Now don’t blow it with a bad attitude.

Avoid these common mistakes and show your prospective new employer you are the right person for the job.

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