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Health & Safety Executive Introduce Fee for Intervention Scheme

fee for intervention shemeFee for Intervention Scheme (FFI)

‘Fee for Intervention’ is a new scheme introduced by the Health & Safety Executive which came into force on the 1st October 2012. The FFI scheme enables the Health & Safety Executive to recover costs incurred for carrying out its regulatory functions.

What Does This Mean For Your Business

Put simply this means that they will be able to charge the businesses that they regulate an hourly fee of £124 to offset the costs of the inspection and time taken to resolve any breaches in Health & Safety legislation.

Don’t panic though this does not mean that all businesses that have an inspection from the Health & Safety Executive are going to be presented with an invoice for £124 per hour.

Let me expalin.

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Abrasive Wheels Marking System

The abrasive wheels marking system is one of the methods in place to help ensure the safe use of abrasive wheels. Understanding the abrasive wheels marking system is one of the topics covered on abrasive wheels training courses. It is integral to choosing the correct abrasive wheel for machine and task.

An Abrasive Wheel is a man-made wheel used for cutting or grinding that consists of abrasive particles bonded. There are different types of abrasive wheels which are made for different tasks. Some wheels are more suited to non-precision based work and some more suited to precision based work. Some wheels are designed for hand-held machinery such as a grinder and some wheels are designed for machinery.

Knowing which wheel to use for each task and type of machinery is a vital skill that is part of abrasive wheel training.

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Abrasive Wheels Safety Training

Abrasive Wheels Safety TrainingAbrasive wheels training courses are essential in reducing work place related injuries in the engineering and industrial sectors or indeed for anyone operating machinery that use abrasive wheels. Abrasive wheels safety training is in fact a legal requirement for anyone working with abrasive wheels.

So who use Abrasive Wheels?

Abrasive wheels are usually found to be used in the construction industry and in engineering. Nearly 50% of accidents involving abrasive wheels involve operator error or unsafe system of work. The HSE guidelines require that sufficient Health & Safety Training is in place to reduce the risks of accident and injuries. As you can imagine an accident involving a high-speed spinning wheel are very likely to cause a significant injury to the operator.If sufficient training is not in place you can be open to prosecution by the HSE.

If sufficient training is not in place you can be open to prosecution by the HSE.

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What is Asbestosis?

What is AsbestosisAsbestosis has been attributed to over 5000 deaths and over 13,000 disablement benefit cases in the UK over a 30 year period. So what is asbestosis? 

Asbestosis is a form of lung fibrosis which is directly caused by breathing in asbestos fibres. It is a condition that has no cure with symptoms including shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pains, persistent coughing and difficulty breathing. Complications can result in fatalities.

Asbestos Awareness Training is a course designed to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive for anyone coming into contact with asbestos at work.

It is widely excepted that heavy exposure to asbestos in the past is the cause of asbestosis.  The UKATA Asbestos Awareness Training Course is aimed at the reduction of fatalities and illness caused by this horrible illness that can we repeat is directly attributed to prolonged exposure to asbestos.

How Many Fatalities are Caused by Asbestosis?

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What is SMSTS Training

What is SMSTS TrainingSMSTS Training is the abbreviation used for Site Manager Safety Training Scheme and is the recognised qualification for Site Managers in the UK Construction Industry. The training course was designed to help Site Managers to recognise the moral and legal responsibilities for the Health & Safety of workers and general public on construction sites.

Who is SMSTS Training For?

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Do Construction Industry Supervisors need SSSTS Training

Do Construction Industry Supervisors need SSSTS TrainingWhat is SSSTS training and do construction industry supervisors need it is are questions often asked by members of the construction industry?

What is SSSTS Training?

The Construction Regulations of April 2007 brought to the forefront the need for Health & Safety Training in the construction industry, it became vital that all Site Supervisors have up to date SSSTS Training, Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Training.

Health & Safety Training is needed in all industries but in the construction industry perhaps more so being such a dangerous working environment for workers and the general public if sufficient training is not in place.

SSSTS Training is a course designed to give Site Supervisors the skills needed to both identify, monitor and prevent accidents in the workplace and potentially prevent prosecution by the HSE.

Let me explain.

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