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Top 5 Essential Training Courses For Nursery and Childcare Settings

In any early years setting training is absolutely essential. It is recommended that childcare practitioner spends on average 25 hours of training or refresher training each year.

But where should you concentrate your 25 hours with the wide range of available training courses for the childcare sector?

Check out the list of the top 5 courses that every childcare practitioner should be certified in.

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The Construction Health and Safety Toolkit

The Construction Health and Safety Toolkit

Your health and safety toolkit should become second nature to you if you are at work in the construction industry. In my experience if you leave out any one of these things you are often heading for an acme style accident, and the riotous laughter of your co-workers on the way to the emergency room.

So protect yourself from the jeers and taunts of your colleagues when you leave work a bloody mess and make sure to wear your safety equipment!

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Risk Assessment in the Workplace

Risk Assessment in the Workplace

An explanation on Risk Assessment in the Workplace, explaining exactly how to implement it and how it will benefit your employees and your business.

Having in place good risk assessments is a crucial part of Health and Safety in the workplace.  They are put in place both to protect your employees and, of course, your business. Having an acceptable level of risk management is essential if your business is to comply with the law. Assessing potential hazards in your workplace help to identify things that pose a real risk to you and your workers and also highlight ways to combat these risks.Continue reading

What is Manual Handling Training

So what is manual handling training? This article looks at what manual handling training is and also explores the legal requirements and advantages of manual handling training to employers.

What is Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling in the Workplace

All businesses should be familiar with terms such as ‘Manual Handling’ and ‘Health and Safety’. However, the mere mention of any type of Health & Safety legislation makes most people’s eyes roll and can elicit groans of frustration from those having to discuss them. But this should not be the case. The legislation governing manual handling training is extremely important and can impact directly on your business, your employees and even you personally. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the care and safety of the people who work for them and doing so not only benefits them but will also benefit your business as a whole.Continue reading

Construction Industry Health and Safety Training

Working in the Construction Industry

Construction Industry Health and Safety Training – without it you will not find work.

Health Safety FinesThe UK Contractors Group (UKCG) is the primary association for contractors operating in the UK and work closely with the CBI Construction Council.

One of their UKCG’s primary aims is to improve the Health & Safety Training Standards for directors, supervisors and operatives and of course the overall safety construction workers throughout the UK. With is some of the largest construction companies in the country being members of the UKCG it is hardly surprising that they have such an influence in the industry.

Lebreton Training wholeheartedly supports the UKCG in their position that by improving health and safety training standards injury, illness and lives can be saved.

The construction industry is definitely in agreement with the major players already having signed up to the UKCG’s requirement for its members. The UKCG require members to comply with their health and safety charter. Most notable parts of this charter are companies are required to achieve a fully qualified workforce and ensure all supervisors on UKCG sites have the necessary skills to supervise effectively.

So what does all this mean for construction workers?

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