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How To Cheat At Job Hunting And Get Away With It

How To Cheat At Job Hunting And Get Away With It

You can ‘cheat’ at finding a job by being smarter than your competitors are. Whilst they are sat at home trying to spell their name correctly on their CV, you can be networking with the movers and shakers, or getting your feet under the table in your new job.

Let me show you how to cheat at finding a job.

Social Networking Can Be Used To Mine Information

A person is smart, but people are dumb (paraphrasing from the Men in Black movie), and you can use this fact to your advantage. Social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and especially LinkedIn are cram packed full of people that you could record some very useful information from. All you have to do is be subtle enough so that they cannot figure out your motives.

You can find out about who is leaving their job so that you can start sending in your CV before they have even advertised the job. You can find out a company’s own buzzwords, their HR manager’s pet peeves, and any trouble the company has been having recently. There is lots of information you can find out for the betterment of your application and that will help you out a lot in the interview.

Personalize Your CV and Cover Letter For Every Job Vacancy

Why more people do not do this already is beyond me. If you are unemployed then you should be spending 40 hours per week looking for a job. Therefore, you should be able to complete at least 15 CVs and cover letters, with each one being personalised for each employer. Your CV can be personalised by removing elements that are irrelevant to the job in hand. For example, does the manager of the construction job need to know you spent six months in a florists? Does the nanny company need to know you spent six months as a prison guard?

Deal With Specialist Agency

You can use them the smart way and find a specialist recruitment agency in your niche area of employment. This is a good idea for the simple fact that most broad range job agencies will only have jobs with a high staff turnover on their books. A specialist agency will go further and actively seek jobs of a higher calibre.

Take an agency that specialises in construction for example. They will have intimate links with the trade, which will mean they will command more trust than other agencies. Construction firms will send them the good jobs with the understanding that the agency will not send them a fool that swings around a sledgehammer. Also, consider an agency that specialises in childcare for example. They will know the industry very well and so will have a far higher employment rate.

Use Apps on Your Smart Phone

Do not use them because they are new, edgy, top of the line or even because you cannot think of anything else to use your phone for. Use them because persistence pays when you are getting a job. You should be sending out 15 CVs per week, and you are not going to do that if you are not actively searching for vacancies at every opportunity. Also, every idea that comes into your mind for your resume should be added to it there and then on your phone.

Learn the Answer to Every Interview Question

More importantly, once you have learned the answer to every question, you need to start practising. Do not look upon it as an interview, look upon it as an acting piece, and you are playing the role of a calm, smooth, sophisticated go-getter with the world at your feet. Interview questions are almost finite. Occasionally, an employer will throw a curveball question, but otherwise they are all the same.

Go online and research every single interview question you can find and put them in a list. Ask them to yourself and speak aloud the answers as if you were sat within an employment interview right now. Do not write the answers down, as they will then become your “lines” (like in a school play), and you are guaranteed to forget them. Simply speak the answers aloud as practice for the real thing. This will increase your confidence in your interview and will make sure you never run out of things to say at your interview.

Create a High Quality CV

Writing a good CV can mean the difference between the waste paper bin and a job interview. A good quality CV can make all the difference.

Do not just stop with building your CV, you also need to alter and adjust it as time goes by. Take a weekly look at your CV to see if it can be improved. This will mean that the longer you are unemployed then the better your CV will get.


Persistence is the conclusion. All of the tips above are powered by persistence, and persistence is what is going to get you a job. The long-term unemployed are the ones who are not persistent. They don’t improve themselves, their technique, their CV or their search method. Do not stop until you have the job you want.

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