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Dress to Impress and Land Your Dream Job

Dress to Impress and Land Your Dream Job

We all know that we should dress well at our interview, but what exactly is expected of the modern job applicant? It can be difficult to know what to wear and how you are expected to look on the ever changing job seeking scene. 

Take the stress out of preparing for your interview by following our fool-proof guide on what to wear at your job interview.

Does What I Wear Depend On the Type of Job I am Applying For?

CBS News reported on an article on what to wear for an interview that:

There is not one right answer to this question. It all depends on what the corporate culture is and what the job is. If you’re applying for a job as a garbage truck driver, that Armani suit wouldn’t be right. But, if you’re applying to be CFO for a Fortune 100 company, Armani might just be your guy.

But the key is whatever type of job you are applying for you should aim to be clean, well-shaven and tidy. Never dress in an overly casual manner, even if the job you are applying for requires that you wear overalls!

What Should a Man Wear to an Interview?

Check out our excellent article on tips for preparing for a successful interview. In it we wrote about first impressions and dress codes:

The very first judgement a future employer makes of you are based on the way you look and the clothes that you are wearing. So dressing appropriately for your interview is crucial to your success.

So as a general guide a man applying for professional office work should:

  • wear a clean suit and a white shirt
  • wear a neat neutral tie, avoiding ‘comedy ties’
  • have a neat, well presented hair cut that is clean and short
  • be well prepared with a briefcase containing their CV and other important items
  • be clean and should not smell of body odour
  • be wearing clean, well presented shoes

A man that is applying for a job that requires less formal attire should use the above as a template, but should not wear a suit jacket and tie, or carry a briefcase unless necessary.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your appearance is not overly causal and that you do not look unkempt or scruffy. Always shower before your interview and do not wear so much deodorant that it is over-powering. Make sure that your hands and nails are clean and that your fingernails are cut short. Never turn up to an interview drinking coffee, chewing gum or listening to music with earphones in.

What Should a Woman Wear to an Interview?

As a general guide a woman applying for a job in office work should:

  • wear a clean, well pressed suit with a neutral, modest blouse
  • wear a skirt of modest length and avoid trousers that are too tight
  • wear clean shoes that are not too extravagant
  • be clean and avoid wearing too much over-powering perfume
  • avoid wearing too much make-up or jewellery (Think less is more)
  • have clean, well presented hands and fingernails and avoid in-your-face nail polishes

A woman who is applying for a job that does not demand such formal wear should remember to be clean and well presented and not overly casual. You would not need to wear a suit, but clothing should be modest and neutral and should not be too revealing. Femail magazine recently reported that:

Some bosses may like to see a pretty girl in a tight-fitting top flashing a lot of cleavage but you rarely know who will be interviewing you. It is advisable to play it safe by wearing well-fitted, ironed clothes in neutral colours.

Our Top 5 Tips to Dressing Well For Your Interview

  1. Whether you are applying for a managerial position or a construction job always dress professionally for your interview.
  2. Avoid wearing too much jewellery or perfume.
  3. Ensure that your hair is clean, neat and well cut.
  4. Always shower before an interview and wear clean clothes.
  5. Never turn up chewing gum!

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