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How To Finish Your Last Two Weeks at Work

How To Finish Your Last Two Weeks at Work

You’ve hit the jackpot.

You just accepted the job of your dreams and are now handing in two weeks’ notice to your current employer.

But now for the hard part, the final stretch.

It’s tempting to switch off and coast through the last two weeks of work now you have handed in your resignation. 

But that would be a mistake and even a missed opportunity.

Let me explain.

Your final two weeks are a huge opportunity to leave a positive impression with your employers and coworkers. The same employers that you may well be asking for a reference in the future. The same coworkers who you may be working with (or for) in the future.

Your ultimate goal is to make a clean break, don’t burn any bridges, and make the transition for all concerned as smooth as possible.

Let me show you how to make this happen.


This is going to be hard but it is vital that you stay focused. Ideally, you need to finish off all open projects before you leave. If that is not possible then prioritise with your boss what needs doing first and for everything else bring a colleague up to speed to enable them to finish off the remaining tasks.

Get as much as this done as possible in the first few days because believe me the closer you get to your final day the harder it will be to maintain focus. Blitz your outstanding work as soon as you can while your energy and focus are high.

Do this by getting organised. Here’s how.

Start With a List

A simple to-do list is an easy way to go here. Start by working with your boss to agree and achievable list of projects that need to be finished before you leave. Then add other tasks that you would ideally like to see completed but are not absolutely essential.

If you work on this list with your boss then anything that was not included on the list you can’t really be held responsible.

And remember don’t fall into the trap of becoming distracted. Let me explain.

Avoid Distractions

Keeping focused and avoiding distractions is not going to be easy once you have handed in your resignation.

Having said that if you follow some simple tips you can at least reduce the chances of you giving in to distractions.

Stay off social media while at work. Period. If using social media is part of your job then use the quick in and out approach. Get what you need don and the get out of there!

Put your mobile phone out of reach in a drawer or in your bag. If you can turn it off, if not turn off all notifications. The world will continue spinning without you being connected to your mobile phone throughout the work day!

If your colleagues call or drop by your desk to congratulate you on your new job then keep it brief. Thank them and tell them you will chat later as you need to get your desk cleared.

Keep your focus and leave your current employer with memories of just how professional you were until your last day.

Avoid Negativity

It is not unusual for people to leave one job and start a new one elsewhere. 

However . . .

It is also not unusual for there to bad feeling from your current employer and even your current work colleagues.

But remember this.

Give your current employer and current work colleagues some time to get used to the idea of you moving on. 

Stay professional. Do not bit back.

In time (hopefully a short amount of time) your current colleagues and employer will come around to the idea.

Clean Up

In addition to finishing up as many of your current projects you also need to clean up before you leave.

In addition to cleaning your workspace, locker and desk area you also need to clean up any of your personal data that is on company computers.

Look for images, music, video on hard drives. Don’t forget to double check any cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Massive one to remember is to remove all personal emails and to also delete them from your delete folder. The last thing you want is your employer finding personal emails once you have left.

After cleaning up you are ready to make the clean break you need.

You’ve followed all the advice I’ve given

Your current employer will be sad to see you go.

They will have nothing but fond memories of you.

They will be happy to sing your praises to anyone who asks.

In fact, they would welcome you back with open arms.

When you achieve this . . .

You’ve cracked it.

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