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Hiring Superstar Childcare Staff for Your Nursery

Hiring Childcare Staff  for Your Nursery

One of the most difficult challenges in running an early years centre is the staffing.

Staff turnover in the childcare industry is huge and is an ongoing problem for any childcare settings.

So hiring ‘superstar’ childcare staff is a skill all nursey managers should master.

Let me give you some tips on your childcare recruitment process.

Use these 7 gold hiring nuggets.

1 – Get Referrals from Your Staff

Due to the high turnover of staff in the childcare industry, it is a pretty safe bet your current early years staff have worked at another nursery setting in the past and have built up a network of childcare practitioner contacts.

Ask your current employees if they know anyone who would be suitable for the position. Make it clear to your team that you are always interested in hiring people that would be a great fit for your nursery.

It does not hurt to sweeten the pot a little, here’s how.

2 – Offer a Referral Bonus

How much is a first class employee worth to you?

Consider offering generous referral bonuses for new hires that stay at your setting for at least six months or a year.

£150 bonus to any of your staff, in fact why limit yourself, open the offer up to parents that refer staff to your nursery setting.

Just think of the time and money it takes to advertise and interview new staff, a referral bonus is a small price to pay for a new employee that has been recommended by a trusted source.

Another way to save time and money is to use an expert. Let me explain.

3 – Use an Agency

Use a specialist childcare agency to find your employees. There are huge advantages in using an agency which include –

  • Already have staff on their books waiting to start work
  • Staff are already vetted and reference checked.
  • Agency will only send quality staff as they want you to keep using their services
  • No need to pay to advertise jobs
  • No time is taken up interviewing and vetting staff

In addition, agencies are experts in writing high performing job advertisements. Here’s a few tips.

4 – Write a First Class Advert

If you want top class job candidates then a run of the mill advert is not going to cut it. You need to produce an eye-catching advert that will give you a list of high-quality candidates to choose from.

Here’s a few ingredients of the perfect job advert.

  • Use a killer job title
  • Add an emotive introduction and explain why your centre is special
  • Say specifically what you’re looking for
  • Explain what you can offer the right candidate
  • Spell out how they can apply

Once you have the perfect job description and are ready to advertise the position you need to know where to advertise. Let me show you.

5 – Advertise

It is time to cast the net far and wide and show the world you have a vacancy. Here are a few places you can advertise your childcare job.

  • Linkedin and other social media platforms
  • Your own website
  • Jobcentre
  • Job fairs
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Colleges
  • Staff and parent notice boards

Once the applications start to come in it’s time to cut the wheat from the chaff. Here’s why.

6 – Don’t Make it Easy

One of the quickest ways of weeding out the weaker candidates is to make them jump over a few hurdles in the application.

Ask for a CV and covering letter. Ask for professional references. Ask that they answer specific questions in their covering letter. Ask them why you should hire them specifically.

Now it is time to shorten your final list.

  • Don’t shortlist anyone who can’t follow your simple application instructions
  • Check social media profiles and delete anyone who flags themselves as a bad fit
  • Conduct a screening interview over the phone

The best candidates will have no problem with a few obstacles and these are the candidates you want to be interviewing. And you should always be interviewing, let me explain.

7 – Never Stop Recruiting

You should always be recruiting even if you don’t need any staff at the moment.

Build and maintain a list of high-quality candidates at all times. Keep a list of all unsuccessful candidates that you would have been happy to hire if you had enough job opportunities at the time you interviewed them.

If you do this you will always have a list of potential candidates should the need arise.

If you offer fair pay and benefits, ongoing training, professional development opportunities then you will be streets ahead of many of your competitors when attracting the best childcare practitioners to work for you.

Use these skills and hire the best childcare staff possible and enable the smooth operation of your childcare setting.

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