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Using Your IPhone To Find Work

Using Your IPhone To Find Work

Given the economic mess that we find ourselves in today, you must grasp every advantage you possibly can to get yourself out there, get searching and getting yourself back on the employment market. More and more people are finding themselves in that difficult, and often demoralising situation, where they have to go and sign on every week.

I’ve used a few iPhone apps that are very useful in helping getting you off the dole and back on the payroll!

Here are a few of the best ones…


The official government job seekers database holds thousands and thousands of jobs, so now there’s no need to trawl through the lists in the job centre, or even at a slow computer; you can search it all through your iPhone! You can search by salary, job title and location and if you see a few you like, add them to your favourites and come back to view them later. Definitely a good place to start the search.

Pocket CV

Now this is an impressive app! Pocket CV allows you to create your own professional CV without the need to mess around with word processing documents. The app costs just £1.99 and uses PDF software to create, personalise and store your CV without having to faff around with the layout. You can chose from a variety of templates where all the hardwork is already done, all you have to do is add your information. It even allows you to email it to perspective employers from the email address on your iOS device. Impress the recruitment advisors for £1.99. How’s that for a bargain?


In my opinion, a little bit easier to use than the Pocket CV app, but the result is a little more basic. It is a very similar app that takes you through your profile step by step; employment history, educational history etc. It uses a collection of phrases from recruitment specialists, so this one is good if you have problems articulating yourself. Just remember to speak well in the interview!


LinkUp is a free app that allows you to search their databases for potential vacancies, quite similarly to the Jobcentreplus app, you can save your favourite searches, vacancies and email them to friends who may suit that job more than you. The benefit to using this app over many others is that you can apply directly to a job through your phone, so there is no need to spend half an hour on hold waiting to be put through to the HR Department when you ring up.

Interview Skills

If you’ve used the above apps well, well done! If you’ve managed to bag yourself an interview, this app is the one you need now! It gives you all the best tips from all the top experts. It asks you to make your own hiring decision from three potential candidates and then compares your notes with a Barclays recruiter, so you can critically engage with everything you’ll be needing to brush up on for your own interview.

Finally, just remember that the key to bagging yourself any of the jobs you like is to be yourself. Be yourself and they will love you. Good luck!

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